Innovative expense management


Forget manual data entry

With Alga solution employees do not waste time manually entering data into their expense reports. It is time to forget a time-consuming and error-prone manual entry process. This
saves your staff precious time.


Improved visibility over spend

The finance department stays in control of the business expenses. Leaders in companies of all sizes need a way to track, manage and ensure compliance of the spend. They have influence over the entire end-to-end process and can make accurate decisions.


Forget data reconciliation

Taking one step further, our smart technology can free up considerable amount of your time and eliminate mistakes. And that doesn’t mean you need to compromise control and visibility.



A truly integrated end-to-end system to keep your data in sync. Connections with your ERP or accounting systems provide the benefit necessary to keep up with the fast-paced changes in the industry.


Low processing cost of expense reports

Alga solution delivers cost and efficiency benefits for the business. The solution is quick to deploy and can be updated with changing policies.