Who we are

We love what we do at Alga Smart Expenses. We challenge the status quo and help our customers to make their business expenses effortless. By proactively sharing the ideas within the team we deliver ambitious goals. International experience helps us to understand other viewpoints and motives


Customer focus

We adjust the technology to meet your requirements and not the other way round. At Alga Smart Expenses we obtain your feedback as a basis for continuing improvement.



We think forward and engage others on the results innovative ideas will bring. By accepting the risk for innovations we make mistakes but we learn.


Intuitive interfaces

Alga empowers tech-savvy and mobile-enabled people with the tools and technology they rely on and get used to. Alga solution works the way employees expect it to without consciously thinking about how to do it.



Consistently deliver to the highest standards of excellence. We set ambitious goals and achieve them together.



We strive for knowledge. Knowledge is the foundation of our personality. We explore, apply and share our knowledge. Problems can be solved and knowledge can be created. If we don’t know enough about a problem then we may have to learn more before we solve it.